In 2016, the Bridgeport Group Foundation fed over 200 families as reported in the Post and Courier (December 20, 2016). Our outreach would have not been a success without the help and cooperation of churches, grocery establishments and generous donors.

This Thanksgiving season we would like to help 1000 families to have a happy holiday. We plan to distribute gift cards to the following schools ( Burke High , West Ashley, Morning Side Middle, and Mary Ford) for parents in need during the month of November and December 2018.We are also working with the Ladies of Charleston group to feed the homeless before thanksgiving. Our organization is blessed to have a growing number of pastors and churches in support of this mission. We need your help in doing one of the following:

1. You can purchase a gift card in the amount you wish to donate from Wal-Mart and give it to the Bridgeport Group Foundation for distribution;

2. You can forward your donation in a check to the Bridgeport Group for the purchase of turkeys. Your tax deductible contribution will be appreciated and will be used to help those who are less fortunate.

Please mail your purchased gift cards or checks to 3783 Meeting St, North Charleston, SC, 29405.

You may also make a donation here:

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